Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dau soi lua bong, happy birthday Oscar Niemeyer

Dizzy with my project right now. But its time to say happy centenary birthday to one of my hero architects: Oscar Niemeyer.
Oh dear, he's turned 100 and still working wholeheartedly at his office every morning.

Viva Oscar.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dau soi lua bong & I dream

Chieu Delft ---
May^ troi^ xam' ca? mot khoang troi truoc cua? so^? ---- -- ------- --
Thu bay? nay` ko ddep nhu moi khi.
Ben trai', 2 chu' chim bo^` cau trang muot^' ddang tru' mua. Co ro co ro trong 2 o^ cua so^? nho? xiu cua van phong kien truc hang xom - van phong cua co^ Jean Decker.
Chot nho hinh` nhu sap dden noel. Nen^ du*`ng chuot^., mo* mang` mot chu't.
Mo* mang` mo* mang`. Mo* mang` von^' la` khong bao gio that, ma` sao nguoi ta van thich mo* mang`? Hay chi? co may nguoi nhu minh` la` thich the?
Ba.n bao?: "Tui khong^ mong^. mi. nhu ong^!" Ho*ho*, nhung minh` nghi~ ba.n nham^` roi, vi` `minh` ko he^` mong^. mi., ma` minh` mo* mang`.
Cuoc song nay` ma` khong mo* mang`, chac buon chet mat. Nhi?
Sap noel. Another noel.
Thoi nghe Olivia's First of May.
O ki niem.
Em em.
Diu diu.
Buon buon

Vi.t cua? Delft

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dau soi lua bong, and I went to Switzerland @@

O mannnn, snowing in Therme Vals, yupeeee

Longing to see snow, and finally touched it. Like the feeling of a kid awaiting toys from his father's coming home. Different but somehow similar feeling :)


Peter Zumthor's Therme Bath - such a great sensory and tactile experience, bathing is a real ritual, man!

Zaha Hadid's Vitra Fire Station, she's really got distorted eyes

Herzog & de Meuron's stuff - masters of materials @@

The book of wishes @Markplatz Square Cathedral, Basel

Beyeler Foundation - a thoughtful museum, viva Renzo Piano

Waterlily pond @Beyeler Foundation - Renzo Piano

- to be continued-