Sunday, February 24, 2008

1 ddoan chat - a short chat

Duc: ma hom qua do anh, em biet tin mot nguoi ban vua mat
Duc: :|
Duc: cai lam minh suy nghi nhieu ve su song va cai chet
mocphale: :|
mocphale: ban cap 2 hay cap 3?
Duc: nguoi nay em chua gap bao gio nhung cung lien lac qua facebook nay no thoi
mocphale: vay a
mocphale: :[
mocphale: mm
Duc: nguoi My goc Viet
mocphale: ddung noi lai la ung thu?
Duc: tai hoi do exchange o VN
Duc: em cung chang biet, ma co nguoi ban cua nguoi ban do thong bao cho em biet
mocphale: :|
Duc: em nghi chac la do tai nan
mocphale: he` nam ngoai a ve^`.. ddi tham benh vien va sau ddo la dua tang nho? ban cap 2 bi ung thu, a ke e chua ?
mocphale: :[
mocphale: chang bit minh co song dden ngay mai ddc ko nua.
Duc: xong roi nghiem ra rang: life is uncertain, so live every day as the last day of our life
mocphale: uhh
Duc: ya know, yesterday i heard of a friend's death
Duc: :|
Duc: that made me meditate a lot on death
mocphale: :|
mocphale: your secondary school or highschool friend?
Duc: i've never seen him, just known him through facebook
mocphale: oh
mocphale: :[
mocphale: hmm
Duc: an Vietnamese American
mocphale: is cancer the reason, again? :[
Duc: i also don't know, but a friend of him told me about his death
mocphale: :|
Duc: i think it must have been an accident
mocphale: last summer when i was home, i went to visit an old friend at hospital and went to her funeral shortly after.. it was cancer again. Have i told u this?
mocphale: :[
mocphale: i really dunno whether we can still live until tomorrow
Duc: ya, and i came up with this conclusion: life is uncertain, so live every day as the last day of our life
mocphale: uhh


chinweiz said...

live our lives to the fullest! leave archietcture aside during the break..and get back your life man...

mocphale said...

Ya, thks dude. I also realized that after my semester in Delft. Now must try to balance my life more. Get a better social life :D. Architecture might be a big part of our lives but not all.. haha.
Oh.. the importance of loafing :D

Anonymous said...