Friday, March 28, 2008

dOnut selling & SN with Mamxanh dudes

! What a surprise! Thanks u guys. Hope that our team will do a great job from now till June in Singapore and Quang Nam.
So amazed to find a girl with a same birthday as mine: Huishan, the one on my right hand side.. yoohoo i love 13. Anyway, she's 4 years younger than me hehe..
P.S. We did dOnut selling some week ago, and done with car-washing for fundraising today. Must post pictures soon. Anyway now I focus on design prj :X
P.S. Thks ban CF cua minh that nhieu vi 3 nam o dday roi ko sinh nhat nam nao` ma` ban khong goi. chuc mung :[.. hic.

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