Sunday, March 25, 2007

how ready is ready? hehehe...

we never know when we're fully ready or prepared for love. hehe.. but you see, people keep asking that naive question all the time =] (I wasn't the exceptional though)
like the peach-blossoms always blooming out of the blue, or the spring raindrops falling on our hair all of a sudden, love just comes around the corner, without any first notice.
and when we realize we are in love, it seems to be "too late" =D hehe. isn't it the case?
hahaha.. therefore i think we can never decide when we are ready or not. and ask, just for the sake of asking, since we've always and already got our answer.
hu' hu, my dear :]
(P.S. Anyway I'm not the one who is in love at this moment :)) ).

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