Friday, October 12, 2007

Feeling really really grateful

Excerpt from email sending to a Singaporean brother:
"Hi bro,
It's great to hear from you, and know u're busy and happy with work :)
Ya, I'm really having a good time here. I'm living with 3 other Singaporean friends who are my archi seniors at SDE. It's such a great experience to live and share things together. It's totally different from my two past years in Singapore (at the lonely PGP haha :)) )
It was the first time we went to the market together to buy food, pondering on what to buy, what not to buy, how to save money and how to plan our weekly expense in the wisest way. It was also the first time we all learnt to cook (we - 4 guys u know).
It really reminded me so much of my mom and grandmom when I took the pan and started frying some Vietnamese food (with my mom's recipe on the other hand, which I just received through email the previous night :)) ). Our everyday food keeps being experimental food... Haha.. Anyway after some trials and errors, I think our skills are getting much better now. Hehe. Will have change to impress girls in the future, haha, hopefully.
Yeah, all the time I get into the kitchen with my friends, I couldn't help but feeling so grateful for what I've received from my mom and grandmom, especially their extraordinary Vietnamese food. I think I did a good job from my mom's recipes :D hoorrayyy..
Oh, ya, my housemates also said they like my food. And I love theirs also.
Ok, stop talking about food. Or I'll get fatter and fatter. :))
School is nice since we go to school only 3 times a week :D' (will have to compensate when coming back to Singapore boohoo..). It's much more relaxing and more about researching here, since we're taking part of the aki Master course at TU Delft (our school's name).
I go to school by bicycle everyday since it's the common means of commuting to work and school here. It is so healthy and environmentally friendly :] But it's terrible sometimes to wake up early in the morning and cycle to school under the freezing rain and extremely strong wind of Delft :[['
..The rest of the week we tried to travel as much as possible, within Holland and in the coming term-break, outside.
I had spent 3 weeks before this semester started, to travel to London, Paris, Barcelona, Venice, and a small village in France, where there was a masterpiece of architecture to which I had always dreamt of paying a visit... (I travelled alone during that 3 weeks coz my friends' travelling plans were all different from mine. It was fun though, however I preferred to have at least one more travel-mate to share things (budget-hostel fees and also discoveries haha) :] ).
This coming 2 week term-break we're going again, and again their plans are different from mine, so I'm gonna be alone again in Italy and Spain this time :D. I tried to save, but I think I have been spending quite a lot of my parents' money on this travelling :(. But I also gained a lot, and learnt a lottt.. :)
Okei, my email's getting quite long now.. Gotta stop or u're gonna fall asleep, haha. I think I'll try to attach some picture I took when I was there at the small village in France I mentioned earlier on. It was a small chapel (called Notre Dame du Haut or Ronchamp Chapel, by Le Corbusier, one of the greatest architects of the 20th century).
I also posted some pictures of my trip and of Delft - the lovely town-city where I'm living onto my blog Check it out when u have spare time. The "August part" is my London,Paris, Barcelona, Venice... trip. And the "Delft part" in "September" is of this town.. I guess it can be very relaxing for u too see my pix of Delft, where there are a lot of ducks and swans everywhere :D. I love this town a lot, a lot. Every weekend there's something happening, at every corner of Delft (Coz we're living next to the main square, where they have antique market, flea market, fruit market all the time). I haven't managed to post some other selected pix when we went to Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Rotterdam.. I'm gonna post soon when possible :p
K k, really gonna stop now, see ya soon bro.
Feelling really really happy and grateful to my grandmom, my parents, my teachers in Singapore, my friends in Vietnam & Singapore, and all the people I've met here so far. It's such a great lifetime opportunity that I'm really enjoying and will surely never forget.
Viva Delft and Europe.
"Banzaiiiii..." (Worms - my favourite video game once)
P.S. My grandmom, so happy to hear that u're getting much better today. I was so worried some days ago when I heard of the accident. I don't know how I'm gonna live if u're gone.. :['.
I love you. And I'll be home soon.


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