Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Arriving in Verona so late in the afternoon. The sky looked cloudy and gloomy but there was no rain as was in the weather forecast. Thank God. I made a stroll around the town centre at night, took some night shots.. :D'.
To Castelvecchio Museum by Carlo Scarpa tomorrow. Yeahoooo...
P.S. It is said that girls here are extraodinarily beautiful. It's true. Must do some paparazzi shot tmr morning :P~
The Roman Arena (built 1st Century A.D. @@)


In front of Castelvecchio Castle - Museum

Poor dudes... @@

The gate of Castelvecchio Museum

Monica Bellucci - that's what I call sexy

Is it called cobblestone or what? street-tiles?

- Road into the courtyard of Juliette's house -
It is said that Shakespeare based his whole novel "Romeo & Juliette" on a love-legend he heard of in Verona, which had taken place there centuries ago. There really used to be a kind of vendetta between two families here in this town. There is a house which is said to be Juliette's house (which is shown above in the picture) with the famous balcony where Romeo secretly met Juliette and showed her his love. There is also Juliette's and Romeo's tombs somewhere in the town which were already there from time immemorial. Real story or mere fiction? Who cares? :)' Hundreds of romantic people still pour into this tiny courtyard everyday to take picture of the famous balcony and with Juliette's statue (which surely was erected recently for touristic purpose), and to... graffitize the whole walls with all kinds of "hearts and arrows" slogans. But this kind of love-celebrating is quite unpleasant to the eyes and outdated, I guess. There is a much more interesting and "public-responsible" way, which I saw firstly in Florence, which I'm gonna tell ya later, there.. ;)

- Juliette's house, the balcony -
So this is it, the famous balcony where he showed her his love. I just wonder how he could get into this so-private courtyard and climb up there. It's high, man, 5 meters at least. Maybe love always shows us the way :)

Vandalism on the wall of Juliette's house T.T haizz

a convent

The charm of the convent's cloister

Castelvecchio Castle - Museum. This museum was renovated and refurbished by Carlo Scarpa, a Venetian architect, said to be a master of exhibition designs. How unfortunate I was! Parts of the museum were under restoration (Scarpa did his design during the 50s - 60s), especially the best view of the equestrian sculpture was not available (it was covered with a canvas for restoration). So I put here a pic from internet, the most famous view of the museum.

source: internet

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