Saturday, April 19, 2008


submissions all over. only a presentation left.
wat a depressing and unfruitful semester i've just had with a boring tutor. felt like wasting an awful lot of time for nothing. this is so contrasting to wat i just had before that in Delft.
almost no learning, no gaining.. this cannot be "flat" anymore. i never like this.
haha... life's really about wax and wane :). hope im gonna have some real "feed-back" from the coming presentation with the "ladies". cannot pay money for no gaining.
yey, maybe this sem is all our my Mamxanh project.. Hope it's gonna be much fun and memorable.
and since i've seen Ronchamp and Enric Miralles' Scottish Parliament House, my zeal for architecture will always be there.
:) la vita e bella.

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chinweiz said...'s over...all da best for presentation ok..!